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Integrative Medicine Specialist

Atlantic Wellness & Integrative Specialty Health Clinic

Integrative Medicine Physician & Wellness Specialist located in Germantown, MD & Sterling, VA

Your body has a miraculous ability to repair itself. At Atlantic Wellness & Integrative Specialty Health Clinic in Germantown and Silver Spring, Maryland, Rosemarie Filart, MD, offers integrative medicine, including prolotherapy and nutritional support, to optimize your health. Call the practice today or schedule a consultation online to learn how integrative medicine can enhance your health and wellness.


What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine harnesses your body’s ability to repair and heal itself. Atlantic W.I.S.H. Clinic offers prolotherapy and nutritional support to stimulate that healing. 


Interested in pain injections that don't use steroids? As an alternative, Prolotherapy is an injectable treatment that accelerates tissue repair. Our physician injects a dextrose natural solution into your injured or damaged tissue. The solution causes irritation, which triggers your body’s healing processes over subsequent weeks or months.

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Nutritional support

Atlantic W.I.S.H. Clinic uses nutrition genomics to understand your body’s specific needs. This advanced genetic testing reveals the precise nutrients your body needs for optimal function. It also shows how nutrients interact with your genes and increase or reduce your risk of illness. 

While following a nutrient-rich diet is good for your overall health, nutritional genomics gives our physician precise information to customize your diet for optimal health and recovery. This innovative approach to wellness enhances your health, starting at the cellular level. 

What should I expect during prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a non-surgical injectable treatment. Following an exam and consultation, our physician prepares you for the injection. We carefully clean your skin and might provide a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the injection. 

Our provider might also use state-of-the-art ultrasound imaging to guide the injection. Ultrasounds are safe and painless and allow our physician to see precisely where to make the prolotherapy injection. 

Everyone responds to prolotherapy differently. You might notice an improvement after just one injection, although most patients have a series of injections to optimize their recovery.

What conditions improve with integrative medicine?

Atlantic W.I.S.H. Clinic incorporates integrative medicine into treatment programs for a wide range of issues, including arthritis and other painful musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. 

Integrative medicine might also reduce the effects of disease in your body, eliminating inflammation and other problems that affect your overall body function. 

When applied correctly, integrative medicine can lead to healing in your body, addressing the root issue of your symptoms to provide long-lasting relief.

To learn more about integrative medicine and how it can enhance your health and well-being, please call or book an appointment online today.